Welcome Meatheads

Our Story

Meathead Labz was started in 2023 by two bodybuilding lovers in a garage playfully dubbed "The Lab". When we decided to go the route of doing our own thing, we wanted to be different, we wanted to bring quality supplements and programs to our community. Think of  Apple computers, but by two gym bros instead of two tech guys. Same drive and passion, just a different avenue of execution.

What We're About

We are simply meatheads and bodybuilders, who want to add a our spin on the fitness and supplement industry. We feel everyone can benefit from fitness and taking vitamins and supplements to enhance their quality of life. From the hardcore meathead (which is what we are) to the dad, mom or even grandma who want to live a healthier lifestyle through fitness.

How We Our Different

One thing we love to do is help and work with those outside the fitness communities through local charities and volunteer work. Meathead Labz donates $1.00 from every sale to a local Kansas City charity. Not only does giving back feel good, but it shows a deeper sense of community.