It seems like everyday you see motivational quotes and abbreviations on social media. While there are some great little sayings and such, there are also some that are pretty out there. I kept it simple and used the term FML (fuck my life) quite a bit when shit didn't seem to go my way that day and such. 

There was one day where I used FML like 10x while in a text conversation . Then I got a response back that was just "BIBOK". I was like WTF does that mean? Then it was explained to me, BIBOK means "But It'll Be OK". I thought about it, and yeah it was ok. It actually made me giggle, as I thought it was cheesy, but also cute because who was saying it.. As time past, I found myself using it a lot when I would get stressed or things didn't go as planned, especially after my accident and surgeries.

Then on another day while working out, I caught myself saying it to my training partner. He was like "WTF are you saying bro"? Then without a hiccup, I said "Bitch It'll Be OK" lol. He laughed and then that became our go to in the gym. Just like me to take a great thing and make it juvenile and ridiculous. But it makes sense, because there are always going to be days where shit goes sideways, nothing works and everything seems to fall apart. In those moments, just take a breath and say it back to yourself "BIBOK".

It has become something that is now my new "go to". Hell I even got it tattooed inside my left bicep.

So whenever you feel the "drain", feel free to steal BIBOK, or whatever else gets you back into a reframed state of mind, to keep chasing that pump!

See you in the gym!


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