Welcome Fellow Meatheads!

Welcome Fellow Meatheads!

Thank you for checking out the new Meathead Labz website. When I made the decision to venture down this road of starting my own little gig, I knew that it wouldn't be an easy road at times. With all the various supplement companies, online trainers and novelty product companies out there, I had to find out my little "niche" and try to make it work. And then it came to me, its all about the community! One thing I know is the fitness community, its full of great people and groups that are always willing to help others. 

So that is my thing. Community, whether its inside or outside of the gym is extremely important. So my way of giving back is to use those in the fitness community (meatheads, bros, fitness enthusiasts, etc.) to help those outside of it. That is why its my pledge to give $1 of every sale made to donate to local charities within the community.

It'll be a slow process, and some days will for sure be tough. But I think we can all make a difference. The good thing about sports and hobbies like bodybuilding, you learn how to persevere and follow the path while trusting the process.

Hope to see you all in the gym!

 - Shawn Monday, Owner


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