New Year, New Me?

New Year, New Me?

This is a standard staple when it comes to the fitness industry. Every year (generally from December to February) its the same thing, Everyone starts with a lofty list of goals, gyms get overrun (which I enjoy if most stick around) and the interwebs get swamped with the "new year new me" mantra.  

Now normally I don't fall into the new year new me trap. I think this should be a daily and overall endeavor and not reserved for the end/start of a year. But as I look at the last year of my life, for the good and whole hell of a lot of bad, and I'm having a slight change of heart on this.

At the end of last year, I was living some really good dreams and finished out 2022 the best way possible, spending the holiday with someone I loved very much (still do actually despite it being over). It was one of those weeks where everything just fell into place. I had great company, all my workouts were awesome, I was relaxed and most of all, I was really happy. But with all great things, There must be that balance of pure shit.

Between issues with my head, destroying my right leg, multiple surgeries, losing who I thought and wanted to be my person, demoted at work, massive depression and a suicide attempt. Its safe to say mid 2023 was a total cluster fuck. But as I stated in one of my previous blog entries, I started bouncing back in all avenues of my life after serious self reflection, feeling the shit and navigating my way through that storm. Life is slowly getting better and I'm in a deeper sense of clarity when it comes to who I am and want to be to this world, mainly my kiddos and close family/friends.

So, with that change of heart I cam up with this. I'm making a list of just 3 things I want to focus on, and will use the whole year to accomplish it. These 3 things are:

1. Was the end of my year more rewarding than end of last year?

2. Did I accomplish at least 1 long term goal?

3. Did I have a positive impact on at least 1 person?

I think for me, this is plenty and I can have them on my whiteboard to view everyday. I can tailor these to every aspect of my life and watch it flourish and guide me in the necessary direction.. My 1st day of 2024 will be spent the best way I know how, with my bro's in the gym getting in a great chest day.

Again, Not groundbreaking shit. But makes me feel optimistic about 2024.

See you all in the gym!



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