Bropiphany - Belief

Bropiphany - Belief

I think the "Bropiphany" might become a thing to write about lol. In all seriousness, I spent a good amount of time around the holidays thinking about this. Oddly enough, it popped in my head while hitting the iron. But when it popped up, I spent a few days thinking about it, and here is what my lovely meathead self came up with.

Belief, whether its in something, someone or yourself can be a powerful thing. For the sake of this, Its geared more towards belief in ones self, as that's where the true insight can live. All of us in this big ass world are only limited by the thoughts we have about ourselves. 

I truly believe that we deserve to have the life of our dreams, however that looks. A great career, family, friends or that timeless love with a person that brings your heart and soul true peace. We are worthy of so much more than we allow ourselves to have sometimes, because we don't believe we deserve it. I grew up thinking I only deserved to have the left over shit that was given to me, or was beat out of me. I know that was due to my upbringing. Not that I didn't want more and I was willing to work for it, sometimes it changed, and a lot of times it didn't. That hit especially hard over the last year with all the health issues, loss of loved ones, my leg being destroyed, then fixed and accepting some shit that I thought would break me. Luckily I'm starting to come out the other side with some clarity, acceptance and now believing I'm better than I give myself credit for. 

I'm totally seeing that belief in ones self can be amazing and sabotaging depending on the outlook of that belief. I now understand that self doubt, self sabotage and fear of believing I'm good enough can be a real fucker at times. But then I remember that I have some really great things going for me. My kids, my support system of training buddies and fellow meatheads, some awesome coworkers and a boss who gave me a chance to come back after losing my shit. 

The self confidence I always thought I had deep down is coming forward and screaming at the world. I'm seeing self accomplishment and hard work will always carry me through in the hard times, even the loneliness. And my newly found overall belief in myself and worth are starting to make me one bad ass meathead lol.

And think this "Bropiphany" came to light while beating the shit out of my delts in the gym lol!

See you all in the gym!



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