A Community That Gives Back

A Community That Gives Back

One thing I love about the fitness community is how everyone piles into one space and works on a common goal, To better themselves through fitness. Its a community that in of itself is amazing. From bodybuilders, cardio junkies, those who take group workouts and classes, average everyday people , literally everyone. 

One thing I wanted Meathead Labz to do differently is to give back to community. Honestly I'm not sure if other companies do the same, not that I've seen anyway. What we do is give $1 from every sale to a local charity. I even go as far as to personally match that $ amount. We started out literally after the first couple months only donating $100. Pretty slow starting, but now we are starting to make an impact. To date, Meathead Labz has donated $2411 ($1205 from company sales and I matched out of my own pocket). THAT IS HUGE TO ME!

It doesn't seem like a lot I'm sure to bigger companies, But I look at it like this, That's $2411 that has helped feed a family, provide warm clothing and shoes for upcoming winter, whatever is needed to help those in need. That makes my heart happy!

In a world where there is so much noise, chaos and uncertainty, I feel like every little bit given shows a deeper sense of compassion that this world can use a lot more of. Without sounding to cheesy or sappy, right now as I sit here writing this, I feel like I in some small probably unnoticeable way, am showing that deeper sense of compassion. If it goes unrecognized, I personally don't care, because I know I'm doing something good for someone else. That's the only thing I need!

See you all in the gym!


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